Solitaire Card Game

Solitaire Card Game is online game played by a single player where you need to sort the cards in a particular order according to their suits and ranks. At start of Solitaire Card Game a standard deck of 52 playing cards. The deck is shuffled and then arranged in a specific layout, depending on the level being played.

For Winning Solitaire Card Game , you’ve to compete with yourself for getting the highest scores every time you start playing. You can play the game online and also can enjoy in full screen of your device.

How to Play Solitaire Card Game?

Playing Solitaire Card Game is easy but winning is a mind game. To play this Solitaire Game you need to follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Click on Solitaire Cards game and pick a Game number.
  2. Select a Difficulty level from the following three options: Easy, Standard, or Difficult.
  3. You can also click on any number to generate a new game.
  4. Face up the Solitaire cards in the tableau so that they can be moved to the top of the card whose face is up but have opposite colors. This is forming a sequence of cards so that you can find the highest card.
  5. Click on the Face down card when required in arranging cards as sequence with different color
  6. Any time you can redo or undo the moves
  7. If you are at dead end undo the move and click on hint to check out next move
  8. Or Click on Menu and check the solution for help.

Rules of Solitaire Card Game

Solitaire Card Game is random number generated game with multi combinations, so every time there will be a new game for you to play.

We have also provided the solution of the game for every game you start, check out the section menu>solution. You will find a complete solution to win the solitaire card game.

You can also check the statistics after you play and win in the menu section. Below we mentioned the three main rules for playing the Solitaire Card Game:

  • Cards, groups of cards, and individual cards can be moved in the tableau, as long as you moved the cards of different colors from the top in the descending rank. A Three of Clubs can be placed on top of a Four of Hearts.
  • If the tableau column is empty so you can replace it with King.
  • You’ve to move all the cards found in the tableau to the four foundation piles by suit in order for Ace to King to win.

Tips to Win Solitaire Card Game

You can follow some basic tips to win the Solitaire Card Game

  • Always prioritize uncovering hidden cards.
  • Move cards from tableau piles to foundation piles whenever possible.
  • Create empty tableau piles to increase your flexibility.
  • Avoid filling up the foundation piles with low-ranking cards too quickly.
  • Use undo and hint options sparingly to challenge yourself and improve your skills.


How do I set up a game of Solitaire?

Solitaire Card Game in Online portal to play it over internet. Visit solitaire card game and start playing without downloading it.

Which all browser support Solitaire Card Game?

Solitaire Card Game support all browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. you do not require any specific requirement to play.

Is Solitaire Card Game Multiplayer or Single Player?

Solitaire Card Game online is a single game, Where you need to manage card by moving it and try to win the game.

Can I play Solitaire Card Game on my computer or smartphone?

Yes, you can play it on a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. Solitaire Card Game support all the devices and browsers.

How long does a game of solitaire take?

Solitaire Card Game is managing time and wining as per the time. you need to move it as fast as possible to achieve highest score for different level.T

Can I play solitaire on my mobile device?

Yes, Solitaire Card Game is online portal which can be played on any device mobile, desktop or laptop. you should have an active internet connection to play it.

Is Solitaire Card Game free to use?

Yes, Solitaire Card Game is Free to use and you do not require any subscription or registration for playing. Just visit and start playing it.

Can I pause and resume a game of solitaire later?

No, Solitaire Card Game website does not maintain session to play it later on, you can visit any time again and play new game.

Can I undo moves in online solitaire?

Yes, You can undo and redo both on Solitaire Card Game. For Undo click on undo button and for redo click on redo button for changing moves.


Playing Solitaire Card Game is really amazing its provides Mental Stimulation, Stress Relief and Enhancing Concentration. So, shuffle the cards, start a new game. We update game levels frequently so to play more levels please visit our website again. You can subscribe to our website notification to get an update when game levels will be updated.

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